The “Chic” Photographer

One of the things I admire in a person is the dedication and love they have for their passion, in this case Bill Cunningham is a man who’s love for fashion is greater than the love for himself.

Bill Cunningham is an American photographer who works in The New York Times as a fashion photographer. He has seen Fashion revolutionize, and he started documenting his pictures and publishing them to the newspaper he was working for back in the 1960’s (dates are not defined). Now he is around 83 years old and still doing his job. That is something I call LOVE for their job and true enjoyment in time. I find it rather life-fulfilling when you do whatever it takes to get what you want and you do what you have to do to be satisfied with yourself. Richards Press decided to direct a  documentary about Bill  and I found it very inspiring and interesting how someone’s point of view in art can become their life. I see Bill as someone who will die happy.

La primera funcion sera el 16 de Marzo en Nueva york, para ver las funciones metanse AQUI



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