The paradoxical education.

Stay fit. Eat healthy. All the while accepting your body type. Take this marketing class, take this human development class. Recession? YOLO. Stay in school. Have a plan. But follow your dreams, seize the day. Slut. Or free soul, wild child? Slut. Mother. Feminist. Sex, the best workout! Slut. Natural beauty. Joyous laugh lines! Secret botox. The wonders of editing.Work, success? Work, routine? Routine deppression. Success, illusion? Have kids, have them have you. Intellectualize while decentralizing. Adorable gangsta swag. The good deed of the day goes for your spare change. The tolerance of intolerance. Be your(most iconic)self. Be the best you can be! Give yourself a break. It’s a tough world out there but have faith in humanity, cuz cute is the new beautiful. Unify! The universe is beautiful and we are One. But accept diversity. Diversity? You mean maps? You mean skin? You mean bank accounts? The direct relationship between money and yoga. Spiritual enlightenment spas. Instagram that golden Buddah. Highest pixelage, highest fidelity. Highest reality. #Nofilters #aunaturelle #no makeup #Reallove. Pussy whipped. Love someone so they’ll love you back. Take a stand, buy the ticket. Dream big, pay in credit. Stop abortion, adopt an orphan. You are a globalist! Here’s your passport and expiration date. Be proud of your culture, defend your culture! But learn some english first, doll. Dot your i’s, but color outside the lines! Be assertive! But be Zen about it. Organic, raw, transgenic, ecology, ecological branding, parapa pa pa I’m lovin’ it! Soylent Green? Smart phones for dumb people. Memory storage for forgetful (forgettable?) minds. Memorize your free thinking. Be open. But be smart. Freedom of information, conspiracy theories? Freedom is the beach, duh.  Be good to your parents, live your own life. You own it. Believe in yourself, but listen to your friends. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. But your friends closer. Free hugs, sex currency. Technology, robots? Progress? Digging your own grave? One cup of stress for every GNC tablet. You’re not alone! You’re just someplace else. Be proactive! But do what you want, be cool. Stop consumerism! Stop pollution in this new hybrid car. Everybody’s been stigmatized. Everybody is speshul. Shoeshine your idols, but for the love of God be original. Concepts. Reality. The concept of reality. Fight, but play the game. Confused? You’re just finding your SELF. Follow your own path, I believe I can fly! Right off the cliff. Fuck the world! Right after I pay my bills. I´ll love you forever, probably until you cheat on me with your secretary/co-worker/sister-in-law/best male friend. Slut. Unless its #reallove. Slut. Murderer. I mean, surgeon. Live life. Pay life. You’re right. But you’re wrong. Double edged sword.



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